Eroxel What is it? Side Effects


What is it? Side Effects

Eroxel are capsules that solve the problem of sexual dysfunction in men. A delicate problem can suddenly burst into the life of not only an elderly person, but also a young guy. In order not to start the situation, it is necessary to eliminate the “breakdown” in time. Eroxel handles this easily.

How to use?

It is recommended to take Eroxel capsules 2 times a day, 1 capsule per dose. In this case, it is advisable to drink plenty of liquid. The duration of treatment is on average 30 days. Since there are no chemicals in the drug, the treatment can be extended or resumed after a certain break.

Ingredients, composition

Eroxel will certainly delight you with its composition: the drug is created on the basis of natural plant components, therefore it affects the body without negative consequences, is suitable for men of any age and has a long-lasting effect.

  • L-arginine restores good blood circulation, increases blood flow in the small pelvis, thereby ensuring the correct functioning of erectile function, increasing the duration of an erection.
  • Ginseng root is responsible for relieving inflammation of the genitourinary system, kills pathogenic microorganisms, tones the muscles of the pelvis and genitals.
  • Sarsaparilla ensures the normalization of the level of male hormones, improves the metabolism and immunity of men in general, which ensures healthy sexual activity. Licorice root, like ginseng root, is responsible for the anti-inflammatory processes of the genitourinary system, also copes with nervous overstrain and restores the body's tone.
  • Maca root is responsible for increasing testosterone and increasing sexual performance.

Opinions, forum, comments

By improving blood circulation, Eroxel ensures good blood flow to the pelvis. This, in turn, relieves stagnation, improves potency and prolongs erection and, consequently, sexual intercourse. The drug tones the man's body. Together with the regulation of hormones, this ensures a good libido and rejuvenation of the body. A pleasant addition to the main properties is the improvement of the state of the genitourinary and immune systems.

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