Potencialex What is it? Side Effects
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What is it? Side Effects

Potencialex is a safe dietary supplement created from plant materials. The active substances are selected so as not to cause addiction, allergic reactions in the patient.

How to use?

After taking the capsule of the drug, work begins. For a lasting effect of treatment, you should take the remedy according to the instructions. The drug is taken 1 or 2 times a day in a capsule. The duration of treatment is a month. The capsule is washed down with drinking water. The tool is compatible with alcohol, is tolerated by men in old age.
The effect of taking is noticeable on the 3rd day. The effect of the drug lasts for 6 months. There is a break of 4 months between courses.

Ingredients, composition

  • Tea penny (extract). Providing smooth blood saturation, erection stability. Assists patients in controlling ejaculation during intercourse.
  • Fadogia (extract). Natural aphrodisiac, necessary for sexual arousal, sexual desire. Assists in getting new sensations and emotions from orgasm.
  • Butea Superba. An effective aphrodisiac, no analogues. It is a substitute for Viagra.
  • Saffron (seed). It has an amazing set of characteristics. Provides the outflow of blood, lymph from the pelvis, protects against stagnation in the body.
  • Bryony laciniosis. Strengthens desire, increases endurance in bed, prevention of premature ejaculation. Improves blood circulation, purifies blood.
  • L- arginine. Production of the right amount of testosterone. Regulates the work of the excretory system, is responsible for mood, self-confidence, activity.

Opinions, forum, comments

The drug has a complex and targeted effect on the body, eliminates the cause of erectile dysfunction.

  • Improving the quality indicators of intercourse;
  • Increasing the duration of sex;
  • Stimulation of the release of endorphins, hormones of pleasure;
  • Increase of sensuality, makes orgasm bright;
  • Shorter recovery time between intercourse.

The action of the drug does not interfere with the natural processes that occur in the body, does not artificially create an erection. The drug increases arousal. After consumption, the arteries supplying blood to the penis expand, and muscle tissue relaxes.
The prolonged effect of the drug complex is provided by a long-term and sustainable therapeutic effect.

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