Top 10 Potency Treatment Products

Potency is the ability of a man to have sexual intercourse. This is an important aspect of any mans life. Potency includes erection, libido, ejaculation and sexual desire. Sexual dysfunction is caused by several factors: genetics (inherited), ecology (radiation, polluted environment). It happens that everything in this regard is wonderful for a man, but sometimes the body fails, erection is disturbed, short sexual intercourse, rapid ejaculation and lack of desire. All this negatively affects the general health of a man and the quality of life. When a man has a potency disorder, doctors refer to it as erectile dysfunction If you have erectile dysfunction, you should think about visiting a doctor. But often the stronger sex, for a number of well-known reasons (shyness, discomfort), put it off for later, thereby worsening my life and mood.

Ways to improve potency

Methods of treatment of potency disorders


taking medications that help increase the tone of the penis, improve blood circulation. these preparations contain macro- and microelements, vitamins.

A visit to a psychologist

This pathology can occur due to mental and psychological trauma.


magnetic chair - often used in urological practice. shock wave therapy, gives a good positive effect, especially in combination with other methods.


It consists in introducing into the diet products that have a positive effect on sexual function (seafood, nuts, honey, garlic).


It is used if the problem is due to hormonal imbalance.


By performing surgery to improve blood flow to the penis.


Reception of ginseng tincture has a tonic effect. Known all over the world. Reception of a decoction of wild rose. No need to complicate your life, you should consult a doctor who will identify the causes of erectile dysfunction and prescribe appropriate treatment.