Power Wavy What is it? Side Effects

Power Wavy

What is it? Side Effects

Power Wavy is a neoprene workout kit designed to actively build muscle and burn fat. Thanks to its unique configuration, it breaks down fatty deposits at the cellular level, preventing them from accumulating again. The product is made of hypoallergenic materials and is suitable for any age and gender category of users. The belt is easy to use and its high strength guarantees a long service life.

How to use?

The Power Wavy is very easy to use. You need to put it on at any time convenient for you, and wear it without taking it off for as long as you want. The fabric does not cause discomfort, as it allows air to pass through well.
If necessary, you can leave the belt on your body even overnight. You can process completely different parts of the body:

  • belly;
  • buttocks;
  • inner thighs.

This allows you to make an unusual shape of the product. It adheres tightly to the skin, which increases the friction force and, as a result, increases the effect.

Ingredients, composition

The belt is made of neoprene fabric, which does not allow water to pass through. The material is durable and tough, it can withstand even the most intense workouts. It can be worn freely under any clothing. The material is thin, so the product remains invisible to the prying eye.
A big plus of the product is its durability, which is also due to the composition of the neoprene fabric. After all, it is very elastic, perfectly stretches, so the belt is suitable for almost any type of figure.

Opinions, forum, comments

The principle of operation and the effectiveness of a slimming belt is due to a number of processes. Under the influence of the belt occurs:

  • warming up the skin and muscles;
  • breakdown of subcutaneous fat and cellulite;
  • elimination of orange peel;
  • reduction in hips;
  • Build up the gluteal muscles.

Also, wearing a slimming belt has a positive effect on the waist, shaping and adjusting it. In addition, wearing a belt visually changes the figure. Of course, for the better, hiding individual defects.
In parallel with all the above processes, the process of losing weight occurs due to the splitting of subcutaneous fat. From physical training, the effectiveness of the product increases several times. Consequently, the results of losing weight will be seen much faster.
The belt can be washed as needed.This can be done by hand or in a washing machine. Do not worry: the quality of the fabric will not be affected by this in any way.

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