Folisin Review

Folisin Review

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4.6 / 5
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What is it?

Folisin are capsules that improve the condition and appearance of hair. It works effectively for a variety of problems: split ends, hair loss, dullness, stunted growth, etc. It also helps to get rid of diseases of the scalp. Thanks to its natural composition, the product can be used at any age. It is absolutely harmless and does not cause side effects.

Our Review: Folisin is a Scam?

Folisin will help to improve the condition of the hair without the use of special masks and lotions. And this is true, since I specially checked this tool, studied its composition for a long time, reviewed the research results and read direct reviews of those who managed to drink its full course. I was completely satisfied with the results, the hair after it becomes much stronger, it is enriched with a huge amount of useful microelements and accelerates well in growth. The condition of the scalp was also very pleasing. The overwhelming number of those to whom I advised to take it remained completely satisfied and are now happy with their thick and beautiful hair.


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Folisin - Is a scam?

No. We have tried this product and can claim that this is not a scam.


Folisin capsules contain only herbal extracts, namely:

Side Effects

If you take Folisin capsules for prophylaxis, the hair structure is saturated with useful minerals, vitamin deficiency and the problems arising from it are eliminated, as well as the restoration of metabolic processes in the scalp at the cellular level. During effective recovery, the drug helps to get rid of the main cause due to which hair falls out or its condition worsens. Fungi and bacteria are destroyed, thereby normalizing the microflora of the scalp. Sleeping follicles are stimulated, as a result of which new hairs begin to grow, curls become thicker and longer. In addition to the main action, the substances that make up the product have a positive effect on the entire body - they remove toxins and help improve metabolism.

How to use?

The drug is available in the form of capsules intended for internal administration. They should be drunk three times a day, one at a time, before or after meals it does not matter. Drink with sufficient liquid. It is recommended to drink a glass of still water before taking. The duration of the course is determined depending on the existing problems and the condition of the hair and averages 1.5-2.5 months. To consolidate the result, the manufacturer recommends taking the course again - 3-6 months after the completion of the main course.

Indications for use

These capsules are designed to strengthen hair follicles, improve the general condition of the skin and reduce hair loss. They are used for increased fragility, dryness, split ends, dull hair. They are necessary in case of excessive or insufficient production of sebum, deterioration of the circulatory system, as a result of which the tissues of the dermis are not enriched with a sufficient amount of moisture, nutrients and oxygen. The drug should be taken as a preventive measure against hair loss and dandruff, as well as to effectively combat these problems. It should also be used to strengthen local immunity, accelerate metabolic processes in cells and enhance the protective functions of the skin and hair from the negative effects of the external environment (frequent staining, drying with hot air, cauterization with tongs, hard water, UV radiation, polluted air).


The drug can be used at any age, starting from 18 years old, regardless of gender and hair type. At the same time, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers are advised to consult with a specialist before direct use to assess the benefits and risks of using this drug. Some people may experience allergic reactions to the components that make up it. No other contraindications have been identified after numerous clinical trials.

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Price Folisin 39$
Delivery speed 3-9 days
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Country of sale Worldwide (UK, USA, India)

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Specifications 4.5
Price 4.8
Packing quality 4.3
Ease of application 4.8
Delivery speed 4.6
Structure 4.3
Efficiency 4.9
Overall rating 4.6
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Customer Reviews

4.5 / 5
I was so worried when my hair began to fall out. I drank all sorts of vitamins, but it did not help. Then I just bought this product. After that, the loss almost stopped. I don’t know how to thank you!

4.7 / 5
Not only hair, but also nails and facial skin got better! Its a miracle!

4.5 / 5
Reliability and quality are always attractive. If there were more such funds, the world would be much better.

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