Top 10 Muscle Growth Products

Many people think: How to increase their muscles. The problem is that most people fail to achieve the desired result. To do this, they consume protein, go in for sports, eat a lot of calories, but they never got the Wow effect. There are several methods that will 100% help you and you will achieve the desired result. What are these methods?


Proper nutrition is one of the most important reasons why you fail. Although you will consume 2000, 3000 or even 4000 thousand calories, there will still be no effect. You must have a balanced diet. Compliance with all BJU standards. For muscle gain, experts recommend starting with 30 calories per 1 kg. It is important to eat more high-calorie foods when gaining muscle. It will help you recover the calories you burned. You must include a variety of foods in your diet. Foods to help you gain mass: chicken, cottage cheese, eggs, fish, whole grains, beef, proper fats, fruits and vegetables, oatmeal and protein.


It is very important to choose the right workout. Muscles grow when they are stressed. You can do strength training with a lot of weight, or you can load several muscle groups at once. There is another way. This is a regular circuit workout. The fact is that if you increase the frequency of repetitions each time, then your muscles will not have time to get used to the same loads and will gradually grow. How does this happen. For example, this week you did 3 sets of 10 reps, then next week you do 3 sets of 12 reps.


If you want muscle and drink only one protein, while not exercising and not eating, then there will be no result. Protein should be consumed strictly on time, 3-4 hours interval between doses and time for sleep. At the same time, we must not forget about training. With the help of protein, you will speed up the recovery processes during stress.


Try to eat carbohydrates after your workout. It helps in gaining muscle mass. Why after a workout? Carbohydrates increase insulin levels, which in turn slows down the rate of protein breakdown. If you follow all these 4 methods, then soon you will notice the result and enjoy your body. There are also ways to increase muscle mass. By applying them, you will achieve results 2 times faster. Buy and see for yourself.