Personal Slim What is it? Side Effects

Personal Slim

What is it? Side Effects

Personal Slim are drops that can get rid of excess weight in a short period of time. This unique remedy not only burns fat deposits, but also restores metabolism.
A distinctive feature is the removal of fatty deposits after the first application.

How to use?

It is recommended to take it 2 times a day 15 minutes before meals, but not more than 4 hours before bedtime. The product is injected under the tongue (3-5 drops), for about 30 seconds, after which you need to drink 200 ml of water.
The time of admission depends on body weight, activity and the desired result, so each case should be considered separately. Before use, it is necessary to study the manufacturers instructions in detail.

Ingredients, composition

Personal Slim contains rare natural ingredients that help you burn fat effectively:

  • Garcinia Cambogia. It is widely used in dietetics as it can break down excess fat cells.
  • Ulva. These green algae are rich in vitamins B and C, nickel, iodine, iron, protein and fiber. They contribute to the normalization of metabolism and weight loss.
  • Mangosteen. Its fruits block the conversion of sugars to fat, reduce appetite and speed up the burning of body fat.
  • Hoodia Gordonia. These South African cacti contain important minerals and trace elements that are responsible for the metabolism of proteins and lipids. They normalize digestion, suppress excessive appetite and lower cholesterol levels.
  • Coleus. Its main ingredient, foscolin, accelerates fat burning, improves mood and prolongs youthfulness.

All components of Personal Slim not only effectively fight fat deposits, but also have a beneficial effect on the entire body.

Opinions, forum, comments

Correctly selected Personal Slim and the absence of hormonal supplements have a complex effect on many body systems:

  • decreased appetite;
  • blocking fat storage and calorie intake;
  • improving lipid metabolism;
  • acceleration of metabolic processes;
  • burning fat cells and converting them into energy;
  • low cholesterol:
  • elimination of harmful toxins from the body.

Due to the accumulation of individual components in the body, the digestive system and metabolism are normalized.

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