What is it?


What is it?

O! slim is an organic product formulated to help you lose weight safely and quickly. The drug is made for those who want to get rid of extra pounds without harm to health. The product is in the form of an oily solution, it is easy to use and tastes good. The tool is so effective that you don’t even have to follow a diet while taking it. The drug is equally effective in eliminating excess weight in men and women. After applying this concentrate, only positive reviews are left.

Information - O!slim
Name O!slim
Website of the official manufacturer www.O!slim.com
Price O!slim 39$
Payment Cash on Delivery
Sold in pharmacies No
Delivery speed 3-11 days
Availability on the official website Yes
Pharmacy Vacation Terms Without recipe
Country of sale of goods Worldwide (UK, USA, India)

How to use?

Before using the O! Slim concentrate, read the information from the accompanying instructions. Before each use, the oily solution must be added to water, stirred and drunk immediately. The drug is recommended to be taken every day. The minimum course duration is 1 month. The length of the weight loss program depends on the difference between baseline and desired body parameters.


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Ingredients, composition

There are no artificial substances in the O! Slim formula, which distinguishes this product from analogues. The solution contains chia seeds, juniper and orange extract. The listed components perform the following functions:

  • Accelerate metabolism, prevent fat deposition.
  • Dissolve existing lipid stores.
  • Normalize the process of intracellular distribution of lymph, prevent the appearance of cellulite.
  • Cleanse the body of toxins and toxic components.
  • They invigorate, increase efficiency, improve mood.
  • Eliminate tissue swelling.

The composition of the O! Slim preparation is considered safe and effective in terms of losing weight. The peculiarity of the oily concentrate is that it helps to fix body weight. This means that after completing the course of weight loss, the lost kilograms do not return, and the body still remains slim and fit.

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How does it work?

Slimming agent O! Slim dissolves fat deposits, has a moderate stimulating effect on intestinal peristalsis, and improves overall well-being. The drug eliminates cellulite, normalizes the elasticity and firmness of the skin, suppresses attacks of uncontrolled appetite, cleanses the gastrointestinal tract from toxins. In just 1 course, drops restore normal metabolism, contribute to weight loss by at least 10 kg.

Indications for use

The drops are designed to help you lose weight. They are indicated when excess fat deposits appear in the subcutaneous layer, which may be associated with a slow metabolism. They are used when the functioning of the entire gastrointestinal tract deteriorates, in particular, insufficient production of digestive enzymes, as well as disharmony in the functioning of the intestine (slow peristalsis, weakened microflora). Also, the drug is used in case of malfunctions of the circulatory and lymphatic systems, as a result of which the tissues of the internal organs are not saturated with a sufficient amount of oxygen and micronutrients, and excess fluid stagnates in the body, forming edema. It is necessary to cleanse the body of stagnant waste products that poison cells and weaken the immune system.


The drug has no contraindications and can be used at any age. However, children under the age of 18, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers, as well as people suffering from chronic diseases of the stomach, liver and intestines, should first consult with their doctor in order to exclude the occurrence of side effects. In very rare cases, some people may experience allergic reactions to the ingredients of this remedy.

Doctor's review

By virtue of my profession, I have to study many different means that promise to help people lose weight. Not all of them turn out to be effective in practice. Some are even unhealthy. Therefore, I can only recommend a few of them to my patients. O! Slim is one of those drugs that I can confidently trust. It does not contain chemical components, which eliminates the appearance of side effects. At the same time, the body is cleansed of toxins and the metabolism is accelerated. This leads to a gradual loss of body fat, an improvement in the general condition of the body and an increase in the energy of a person who has completed a full course of this remedy.

Customer Reviews. Opinions, forum, comments

I drank these drops for 2 months, although in principle it is possible only 1. But I needed a result. And I achieved it. The first 2 weeks, as if nothing special happened. Only the stool has become regular and the appetite is less. And then I started to lose weight. I got rid of as much as 10 kg! And this is without the gym and diets. Fine drops, then I will go through the course again.
I lost weight very well. But this is not only the main thing.My nails have stopped flaking, and my hair is now smooth and thick.
I am now very active and light as a feather. As if she threw it off for 10 years at once.

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Where to buy - in pharmacies?


Where to buy this product from a store or pharmacy?

Unfortunately, this product is only sold on the official website. In pharmacies and stores in your country it is not.

O!slim - Is it a scam?

Not. We have tried this product and can claim that this is not a hoax.

How long does delivery take?

Depending on your location, delivery may take from 2 to 7 days.


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