Fish XXL What is it? Side Effects
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Fish XXL

What is it? Side Effects

Fish XXL is a bite activator spray designed for use in rivers, seas, lakes and other bodies of water. This tool can be used at any time of the year. The activator is easy to use. In order to use it, you need to remove the lid, shake the tank and then spray on the bait.

How to use?

Fish XXL spray is most often used in winter, when fish are especially passive due to lack of oxygen, lack of food and the occurrence of various diseases. This activator allows you to fish during snowfalls and during periods of fluctuating atmospheric pressure. It is also used on hot days. The use of this spray will significantly increase the catch.
To achieve the desired effect from using Fish XXL, you should put the bait on the fishing rod and then apply an activator spray to it. To activate the bait, you need to spray it 2-4 times. The dosage depends on the activity of the fish. For passive fish, the dosage may be increased. The procedure must be repeated after catching a pair of fish.
This tool can also be used to catch predatory fish. In this case, you need to spray the wobbler 5-8 times. The dosage depends on the activity of the fish. The procedure must be repeated every time after the fish has been caught.
Fish XXL has certain contraindications. This means for fishing is not recommended for people suffering from individual intolerance to the components that make up Fish XXL.

Ingredients, composition

The spray contains the following components:

  • Elephant garlic. It is necessary to attract carp and crucian carp.
  • Papeda black-leaved. This component is needed to lure roach and tench.
  • Hemp oil. This component is necessary to attract sop and thickener.
  • Squid protein. This substance ensures the attraction of catfish and perch. Squid protein is attractive to many other fish as well. It awakens wild hunger even when the fish is full.

Opinions, forum, comments

The activator acts on the inhabitants of reservoirs at the instinct level. It gives the fish a flavor signal. Then there is an effect on the organs of vision. The activator has a dark color. Therefore, he will not scare away the inhabitants of reservoirs, but, on the contrary, will make them feel hungry. This signal is sent to the brain by receptors in the mucous membranes in contact with the bait. Thanks to this, even a well-fed fish will lose control, rush to the bait and swallow it along with the hook.

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