Dietonus What is it? Side Effects
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What is it? Side Effects

Dietonus is not a remedy, a complex of drugs that contribute to rapid weight loss. Improves bowel function, performs thermogenic work thus preventing excessive fat accumulation. It removes the feeling of hunger, reduces appetite, with this you can easily control your weight and prevent extra pounds from appearing. You can easily buy it on the market on the Internet, presented in duplicate, for use in the morning and before bedtime.

How to use?

As mentioned above, each capsule has its own time of intake. It is worth taking one capsule 30 minutes before meals with a glass of water 200 ml. The slimming complex is 1-2 months, depending on the body and the desired result. If necessary, you can repeat the course at least 1 month later. There may be an individual intolerance or an allergic reaction of the body to the components that are included in the composition. You can read more about the use, doses and contraindications on the instructions that are included in the kit. If there are health problems or doubts about the action, it is better to contact a specialist and discuss a course of treatment. The big advantage of this drug is that it is not addictive.

Ingredients, composition

The complex is divided into several different capsules, each with its own time to use in order to maintain biorhythms and effectively regulate actions. All capsules are made on the basis of plant, natural and natural ingredients, that is, it is impossible to talk about harm to the body.

  • White capsule - apply in the morning. Promotes an increase in the energy expenditure of the fat cell, the dissolution of adepocytes. Converts triglycerides into energy.
  • Red capsule - used during the day. Increases the activation of metabolic processes. Increases the drainage properties of fluids and accelerates the conversion of triglycerides into energy.
  • Blue capsule - apply before bedtime. It is an anti-stress and anti-anxiety agent. Soothes the feeling of appetite, helps to formulate the correct regimen of food intake.

Opinions, forum, comments

The work of the drug is aimed at the following actions:

  • decreased appetite;
  • control over the dissolution of fat cells;
  • accelerating the conversion of triglycerides into energy;
  • improves lymph flow, prevents the appearance of "orange peel";
  • tones the epidermis;
  • improves skin condition;

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