Top 10 Diabetes Care Products

Despite the pleasant name, the disease has sad consequences for the human body. In diabetes, the level of glucose in the blood rises significantly. According to the World Health Organization experts, diabetes mellitus affects people of all ages and all countries. The disease ranks third among the direct causes of death.

Types of diabetes

The main classification of diabetes mellitus: Additional classification of types of diabetes:

Methods of treatment of diabetes

Currently, the reasons for the development of diabetes mellitus in each individual person are not fully known. Vaccinations, stress, viral and bacterial infections cannot be the cause of type 1 diabetes, they can sometimes coincide with the time of diabetic diagnosis. There is a genetic predisposition to developing type 1 diabetes, but not 100%. Type 2 diabetes occurs when there is a metabolic disorder. The reason is overweight in combination with heredity. Even if the diagnosis occurred against the background of psychological trauma or severe stress, this may be a coincidence. Until now, type 2 diabetes was considered incurable. But in 2017, doctors in Europe, the USA and Russia introduced the concept of remission and recovery against the background of body weight correction. Current treatments for diabetes include: Only the joint efforts of specialists and the patient can achieve positive results.Correction of the type of nutrition, the introduction of the necessary physical activity in the lifestyle, timely examination, testing. At this stage, the leading role is played by the support of medical specialists: For the treatment to be effective, a change in toxic lifestyle and a positive attitude to success are required.