Maxisize What is it? Side Effects


What is it? Side Effects

Maxisize is a completely new product designed to guarantee penis enlargement. The drug is in the form of a cream, designed for use at home. This approach will improve the parameters of the penis in confidence. The product contains only natural ingredients, each of which is characterized by good tolerance. Unlike other methods aimed at increasing the penis, the use of Maxisize does not require breaking the integrity of the skin.

How to use?

To make the penis thicker and longer, Maxisize must be used strictly according to the instructions. The manufacturer of the product recommends the following scheme for using the cream: apply the consistency in small portions to clean and dry skin of the penis. Rub the mass with light massaging movements, wait for it to be absorbed. The drug does not need to be washed off. Repeat application in the morning and evening. Maxisize is used for 21 days as standard.
After achieving the expected effect, the drug can be used as a lubricant - to improve the quality of intimacy.

Ingredients, composition

The product consists of triethanolamine, elastin, tocopherol, folic acid, collagen, Butea Superba extract. The listed substances have nothing to do with the chemical industry, therefore, they enlarge the penis without harm to health. The components of the cream perform the following functions:

  • Moisturizes fabrics, preparing them for stretching.
  • Trigger the synthesis of components that increase the length and width of the penis.
  • Fill the cavernous bodies with blood.
  • Prevents clots.
  • Improves the innervation of the structures of the male genital organ.

Maxisize not only enlarges the penis, but also maintains the achieved result. The product is certified, and after using it, they always leave positive reviews.

Opinions, forum, comments

Once absorbed into the tissues, the components of Maxisize cream begin to produce collagen and elastin - they are necessary for painless stretching of the penis as it grows. The substances of the formula increase sensitivity during intimacy, have a beneficial effect on the state of potency. The drug fills the male genital organ with blood, increases the number and size of cavernous structures, cleans the urethra from harmful components.

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