Whitify What is it? Side Effects
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What is it? Side Effects

Imagine a situation when you lubricate them with a gel and after you can enjoy a smile that is snow-white. It seems like a narrative from a sci-fi book or a movie, but we assure you that it is possible because of its cleansing ingredients because of a set of WhitifyIt is composed of a cleanup gel along with a light triggering cap. You may remove any discoloration of the enamel without the necessity for expensive visits to your dentist, and the gel is also based on totally safe components.

How to use?

  1. Program Whitify is kids play to performing a few steps advocated by the maker, which can make us enjoy a luminous smile, and also comes down.In order to be able to whiten teeth and get rid of the plaque Its necessary to:Brush your teeth and wash your mouth to get rid of any residual toothpaste.Connect the provided cap and use a small quantity of gel from the provided syringe.Place it on your own teeth.Hold on the overlay on your mouth for half an hour and during this period it does not interfere with other pursuits.After 30 minutes, then remove the overlay by disconnecting it from the LED lamp, rinse thoroughly and brush the teeth.It is due to these 2 elements along with large efficiency, the Whitify enjoys well-deserved positive feedback. The pros and both the customers talk at superlatives about it, in removing all strong discolorations praising its pace and effectiveness.

Ingredients, composition

colour can change now we understand, its time to revive their lost shine and snow-white shade.

  • We can do it in many ways, like using Whitify Carbon, toothpaste using carbon, but the time will be more. Nothing stands in the method of visiting a dental office where different techniques of teeth whitening are used, for example, utilization of LED lamp, which is practically the same since the Whitify set.
  • It is necessary to get ready for the important costs of a visit, reaching, depending on the level of discoloration several hundred zlotys, and on one trip does not end.WhitifySo its better to save both the expense and the hassle of regular visits to your dentist in order to wash your teeth since check-ups are recommended and you ought to buy a kit that is sensible. Whitify composed of:A distinctive cleansing gel comprising hydrogen peroxide utilized for teeth whitening whitening, which induces rapid oxidation of dyes.
  • Another part of the gel is aloe vera extract which helps in the treatment of inflammations and irritations from the oral cavity and cleans teeth from excess plaque. Two other materials utilized in Whitify gel are pomegranate juice, which will be yet another, besides protection against bacteria aloe vera and perfectly refreshing, refreshing and menthol breath;A overlay on the teeth, that is covered with some of gel before use;;A set of tubes containing the whitening gel described previously;A tooth shade template, thanks to which you are able to correct the level of whitening as you would like it to be;The instructions for use.

Opinions, forum, comments

Whitify action relies on the two elements, whitening LED lamp and gel, which allows accelerate and to intensify the effects of the active ingredients of the gel. Light obtained from LED diodes is widely used by dentists, and now finally we have the opportunity to take advantage of its special properties . It acts directly on the tooth enamel its coating and, in conjunction with the qualities of the gel, allows us to obtain results that we have never dreamt of before. Using it is of course completely safe, along with the gel itself, dependent on natural ingredients, in the majority of instances does not result in side effects that are negative, however some people can experience a slight impact of hypersensitivity. In the composition Whitify We wont find some fluorine, for effects that are full it needs to be used for the subsequent 6 days, along with the whitening process should last 30 minutes. In case you own tooth implants and braces on the teeth it can not be used, and after the procedure it is recommended to brush your own teeth.

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