Varicolen What is it? Side Effects
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What is it? Side Effects

Varicolen is a natural remedy with which you can reliably get rid of a problem like varicose veins. The products are in the form of capsules, they are quite easy to use and have only a beneficial, complex effect on the body. The drug is made taking into account all the nuances of the disease, therefore it helps to get rid of the disease in just 1 treatment course. The capsules can be taken by men and women. The product is intended for home treatment. The product has a high quality certificate.

How to use?

Varicolen remedy for varicose veins should be used taking into account the information prescribed in the instructions. Take the drug 1 capsule, 2 times a day - morning and evening. The product should be taken with a sufficient amount of still water. Do not chew the product first. The duration of therapy is 1 month. Signs of the disease are eliminated after 1 day of therapy, but to obtain a lasting result, the course must be completed completely.

Ingredients, composition

Varicolen remedy for varicose veins is made on the basis of a vitamin-mineral complex, amino acids, a set of organic oils. The drug does not contain synthetic impurities, and those components that are in the composition perform the following functions:

  • Quickly relieves pain and feeling of stiffness in the legs.
  • Strengthens vein walls.
  • Normalize blood circulation in the problem area, prevent loss of sensitivity in it.
  • Liquefy blood clots.
  • Eliminate venous inflammation.
  • Cleanses the body of cholesterol, toxins and other deposits.

The presence of only organic components in the Varicolen preparation allows you to get rid of varicose veins in just 1 course of therapy. The remedy eliminates varicose veins, regardless of the duration of the disease, the cause of its development and other factors.

Opinions, forum, comments

The Varicolen drug stops the inflammation of the veins, eliminates pain in the legs with varicose veins. Prevents an increase in blood density and the appearance of life-threatening blood clots. Makes the veins elastic and flexible. It removes all toxic substances from the body, which create an additional load on the blood vessels. Prevents leg cramps. The capsules improve blood circulation, heal all damage to the veins, eliminate their protrusion and swelling.

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