Psoridex What is it? Side Effects
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What is it? Side Effects

Psoridex is a remedy that has shown an effective result in the fight against psoriasis. The main advantages of Psoridex include the fact that the agent has an effect not only on the more accessible layers of the skin, but also penetrates much deeper into the epidermis. This approach helps to influence the intercellular level.
Psoridex helps to restore metabolism and the disease recedes. After the first use of the product, you will get rid of itching and burning.
The drug is suitable even for those who are prone to allergies. Psoridex is prescribed for people who have already started the disease. Effectiveness has been proven on all skin types.

How to use?

Experts advise regular use of Psoridex. Only with systematic use can you achieve positive dynamics in a short time.
Before use, it is necessary to free the affected area from clothing, clean it, dry it. Apply in a small layer. No rinsing required. The cream must be absorbed. Duration of use: from one month.
The product is applied twice a day: in the morning and in the evening. One month is enough to achieve long-term remission.

Ingredients, composition

The cream contains exclusively natural ingredients. The formula of the cream is a combination of biologically active ingredients.

  • For example, beaver fat is used to soften dead skin areas and get rid of plaques. Propolis together with beaver fat prevents the emergence of new foci of the disease; helps get rid of flaking.
  • The inflammation goes away thanks to berries and pollen.
  • Cordyceps are responsible for the antiseptic effect. There is an improvement in the appearance of the skin, inflammation disappears.
  • The cream contains a coenzyme component. It is needed in order to regulate metabolism at the intercellular level. Because of this, the inflammation process stops, itching and peeling pass.

Opinions, forum, comments

The combination of all Psoridex components has the maximum effect on the skin. As a result, the patient's condition is relieved, and the disease gradually ceases to manifest itself.
The cream was developed relatively recently. So, when creating it, they used all the latest achievements of science and medicine. The cream is recommended to be used together with drops, which are also effective against psoriasis.

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