Top 10 Penis Enlargement Products

95% of men are not happy with the size of their penis. Even if it corresponds to the norm, and in the working state its dyne is about 17 centimeters, both the guy and the girl want more. What to do? The following methods come to the rescue.

How to increment a member with an operation?

It is only appropriate to carry out such operations if, due to injuries or birth defects, the penis does not work properly. But if there is a desire to lengthen the penis, phalloplasty is used. The following types are the most popular.


At the time of this operation, the ligament is cut, which attaches the penis to the pubic bone. Because of this, the member in the non-erect state sags and appears a little longer than it was. A possible complication of ligamentotomy is the instability of the reproductive organ during erection. It oscillates very easily from side to side, which can cause serious inconvenience.


The adipose tissue of the patient or a silicone implant is inserted under the skin of the penis. The width of the penis increases. The problem is that these implants have the ability to move. This leads to the formation of lumps. The penis is curved and looks asymmetrical.

How to increase a member without operation

One thing has been proven: it is impossible to influence the size of an organ without exercise or medication. None of these methods have been scientifically proven. But according to the reviews of the men who have tried them, they are the best.


Food supplements based on vitamins, extracts from herbs and extracts of various exotic plants. They are often hormonal.

Ointments and creams

The composition is almost the same as in tablets, but only for external use. Provide temporary effect. The main thing is that there is no allergic reaction to the components, because the skin on the penis is very delicate.

Vacuum pumps

Due to mechanical action, blood rushes to the organ. There is a small edema, which increases the size of the organ. Use according to the instructions so as not to damage or deform the organ.


According to reviews, the penis increases to three centimeters. Extenders (special weights - stretchers) are attached to the organ. The procedure is a little unpleasant, but the effect lasts for a long time. In addition to these methods, there are others. But it is best to trust professionals, only they can help. To do this, they use the following means for penis enlargement.