10 best sex toys to strengthen the family

Fortunately, we live in a world where sex was a taboo topic, now all the information is in the public domain, so I want to tell you about what are the best sex toys in our time. First you need to figure out what types of toys there are.


Suitable only for girls, the meaning can be understood from the name: it imitates the male genital organ. Not intended for anything else. There are different models, some completely imitate the male genital organ (in appearance), others look like a long silicone stick. There are different colors and sizes.


Similar to dildos, but there is stimulation and vibration. As a rule, they exist only in the form of a long stick, less often in the form of a male genital organ. There are many color, design and size options.

Clitoral stimulators

The same as vibrators, but much smaller, as a rule, they put it in panties so that it stimulates the girls genitals.

Butt Plug

Designed to stimulate the vagina or anus. There are two types: with vibration and without.


Designed to stimulate the male sexual organ. Has no vibration. They exist in the form of rings, female genital organs.

Sex dolls

Not the most budget option for self-satisfaction, but nevertheless it is in great demand. There are a wide variety of appearances. From the “classic” appearance of a girl, to anime girls.


Used during couple sex, usually for same-sex couples. There are variations with vibration, there are also without it. Attached to belts or in the girls vagina. Belts are usually leather, in more budget options with elastic bands.

BDSM toys

There are many types of these toys, from handcuffs to gags. The most common are: collars, masks, handcuffs, gags, whips, whips, candles and crucifixes. Created for lovers of unusual pleasures. Dealt with views. So all, what toys can be called the best? No one will give an exact answer to the question, because all people are different, you need to judge by what is right for you: for example, you like it rough, you have a partner and you want role-playing games. So, a strap-on, handcuffs, a gag, a whip and several different costumes for BDSM games are perfect for you. And, of course, lube.And with the assortment of goods that will be useful to you, you can get acquainted on our website.