Top 10 Hemorrhoid Treatment Products

With the modern pace, hemorrhoids have taken on a new look. Inactive lifestyle, sitting at the workplace, in the subway, in the car, at home at the computer or TV. Bleeding from the rectum is caused by the presence of nodes, bumps, which in turn provoke anemia and make it difficult to defecate. The treatment of hemorrhoids is varied and multifaceted, for each case you can find different methods, but at the same time, not one of them will be one hundred percent correct.


With hemorrhoids, it is recommended to eat fractionally, eat as much fiber as possible, to strengthen tissues: vegetables, fruits and bran. The consumption of fatty, fried, spicy foods, as well as canned foods is limited. Strong tea and coffee should be excluded, but at the same time increase the amount of liquid in your diet. This prevents the strengthening of the stool and facilitates the movement of feces.

Drug treatment

First of all, with hemorrhoids, it is necessary to relieve pain. Both local anesthetics and systemic analgesics. With thrombosis, local anticoagulants are prescribed, such as heparin ointment. In case of inflammation, combined ointments are used that combine the properties of an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory drugs. Also, hemorrhoids can bleed, in which case suppositories and hemostatic drugs are prescribed.

Surgical intervention

In difficult cases, the lump on the rectum should be cut and sutured back. Surgical treatment is reproduced in cases where medical methods do not help or the patient applied too late and it is already pointless to treat the inflammation with creams and painkillers. The most popular and effective because of the length of service is the method of centrotherapy. This method has been known for over a century and has a high treatment efficiency. With this method, the nodes completely dissolve, turning into an anal fringe, which does not cause any harm and discomfort. With this method, anal itching, bleeding completely disappear and cracks after a hemorrhoid abscess heal.With all this, the procedure is painless, although extended in time for several sessions of therapy.