Proctonic Review

Proctonic Review

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4.7 / 5
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4.7 / 5
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What is it?

Proctonic is a modern drug created to completely eliminate hemorrhoids. The product is produced in the form of a cream, 1 tube contains 30 ml: this volume is enough to complete a therapeutic course. The drug has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, regenerating, nutritional, hemostatic properties. The cream is intended for use at home. The products can be used by men and women – persons over 18 years of age, including the elderly.

Our Review: Proctonic is a Scam?

“The use of Proctonic is today considered one of the effective options for eliminating hemorrhoids. The main explanation why I often prescribe this cream to my patients is the presence of only natural ingredients in the product. This allows you to undergo treatment without the risk of complications. The drug provides improvement in well-being within 10 minutes after the first application to the inflamed area. Patients who undergo a complete course of treatment are guaranteed to get rid of hemorrhoids, since the cream does not contain a single unnecessary or useless component.”


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Proctonic - Is a scam?

No. We have tried this product and can claim that this is not a scam.


Proctonic contains only natural ingredients; there are no synthetic substances in this product. The product includes the following organic compounds: The drug Proctonic is not addictive and is generally well tolerated, which is confirmed by numerous positive user reviews. The cream not only removes the symptoms of the disease, but eliminates the pathology itself. The product improves well-being after the first application to the problem area.

Side Effects

Proctonic recognizes pathogenic microflora in the blood and tissues, stops its activity, suppresses the inflammatory process, and prevents its transition to a chronic form. The drug improves blood circulation, prevents the formation of clots, and promotes the resorption of existing blood clots. The cream triggers the regeneration of damaged tissues and prevents simple wounds from becoming aggravated by a severe inflammatory process. Strengthens the tissues of the anus, prevents them from being damaged during bowel movements, and reduces the risk of tumor formation.

How to use?

The drug should be applied to clean, dry skin of the problem area. For one use, you need to take a small amount of Proctonic cream from the tube and rub the mixture into the area of inflamed hemorrhoids. Wait until the consistency is completely absorbed, do not wash it off the problem area. Reapply the product after 12 hours. Use the cream 2 times a day - morning and evening. The duration of the treatment process is 1 month.

Indications for use

Proctonic is intended to eliminate acute and chronic hemorrhoids. The drug was created to replace pharmaceutical products. The cream is designed for home use. The product is intended to replace surgical intervention aimed at eliminating hemorrhoids - when surgery is contraindicated or does not provide a positive result.


Proctonic should not be used if you have an allergic reaction to the components of the composition. The product is contraindicated for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The cream is not used in pediatrics - for the treatment of children and adolescents. The drug is not recommended for use to eliminate hemorrhoids in people whose bodies have cancer and autoimmune processes.

Price & Payment

Price Proctonic 39$
Delivery speed 3-9 days
Payment Cash on Delivery
Pharmacy Vacation Terms Without recipe
Country of sale Worldwide (UK, USA, India)

Where to buy?

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Specifications 4.8
Price 4.7
Packing quality 4.6
Ease of application 4.6
Delivery speed 4.9
Structure 4.6
Efficiency 4.5
Overall rating 4.7
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Customer Reviews

4.7 / 5
“I developed hemorrhoids during pregnancy. After giving birth, it did not go away on its own - I had to see a doctor, and the doctor prescribed me Proctonic. The cream helped remove inflammation, the treatment lasted only a month. The delicate area is now completely healthy.”

4.8 / 5
“Proctonic surprised me with its reasonable price and high quality. This product started helping me after the first application. The product removed hemorrhoids in 1 month. I didn’t even think that treatment today could be so easy and effective.”

4.5 / 5
“The Proctonic drug turned out to be better than the suppositories for hemorrhoids that I used before. As for this remedy, it helped already on the first day - the burning sensation was eliminated, and bleeding no longer occurred during bowel movements. I completed the entire course of treatment and am now healthy – thanks to Proctonic.”

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