Gelarex What is it? Side Effects


What is it? Side Effects

Gelarex is a bioactive agent that effectively removes hemorrhoids and anal fissures. It is a natural remedy that is used not only internally but also externally for hemorrhoids. Helps to reduce thrombosis and inflammation, relieves acute pain and itching in the anus.

How to use?

If you want to get rid of hemorrhoids permanently, you should carefully study the instructions for use. It is based on herbal ingredients and does not contain colorants, parabens, artificial flavors, etc. The product is successfully certified and has no side effects.
It is important to note that before use, you should thoroughly rinse the anus with warm water, the gel layer should be thin. If this is an early stage of the disease, use once a day, if this is a difficult treatment - twice a day.
It should be noted that the duration of use for each is determined individually. The good news, however, is that the unpleasant symptoms start to subside from day one. For more details, you should read the detailed instructions for use.
Gelrex formulation helps to overcome itching, pain and burning. Therefore, hemorrhoids gradually dissolve.

Ingredients, composition

Gelarex contains modern plant and herbal extracts that have powerful antiseptic and analgesic properties. Thanks to their combined action, hemorrhoids are absorbed.
Acts on the regeneration of the colon, stopping bleeding and restoring the normal state of the rectum.
Biogel Gelarex has a completely natural composition, which includes a powerful essence that is effective in combating this disease.

Opinions, forum, comments

Bleeding is reduced and blood vessels are strengthened. In addition, a barrier is created that is responsible for the pathogenic microflora. Aloe vera is known to have anti-inflammatory properties that prevent the spread of infections.
The pain and swelling subside, and after a while the person feels healthy!

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