Locerin What is it? Side Effects


What is it? Side Effects

Locerin is an effective hair regrowth product. The product consists of components of natural origin, no synthetic compounds are added to the products. The product is in the form of capsules, and you do not need to have special knowledge or skills to take them. The drug is so effective that during its use it is not necessary to additionally use pharmaceutical medicines. The products have been awarded a high quality certificate.

How to use?

Locerin must be taken strictly according to the scheme, which is indicated in the instructions for the tool. Capsules should be consumed 1 piece, in the morning and in the evening, with meals. The duration of the course of using the drug is usually 1 month. But a noticeable improvement in the condition of the hair is observed after the first week of using the product.

Ingredients, composition

The Locerin preparation consists only of natural ingredients; there is not a single artificial component in the capsule formula. The product contains a vitamin and mineral complex, extracts of medicinal plants, organic acids, natural oils. Taken together, the composition of the drug performs the following functions:

  • Moisturizes the scalp.
  • Promotes the rejection of dead cells of the epithelium.
  • Eliminates fungal infections of the scalp.
  • Makes combing easier.
  • Seals small scales of hair shafts, prevents split ends.
  • Retains the natural pigment of the strands.
  • Prevents gray hair.
  • Accelerates hair growth.

Locerin is designed for use by men and women who want to get rid of health problems without consulting a specialist.
The product is not addictive - after the termination of the course, previously disturbing hair problems do not return.
In terms of their effectiveness, the capsules are not inferior to the result of mesotherapy.

Opinions, forum, comments

Locerin improves blood circulation in hair follicles, makes strands smooth and manageable when combing. Capsules prevent the onset of alopecia - baldness. The product prevents brittle hair, saturates it with vitamins and microelements, prevents dandruff. Active ingredients prevent tangle-free strands. The drug stimulates the appearance of new follicles, makes the hair thick, strong; restores a healthy shade.

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