Fungafix What is it? Side Effects
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What is it? Side Effects

Fungafix is an effective drug that helps men and women get rid of fungus. Ideal for home treatment. The products are produced in the form of a cream. According to customers who have already been treated with this drug, it is superior to pharmacy medicines. After using the antifungal agent Fungafix, only positive reviews are left. The product is not addictive and is well tolerated. An additional advantage of the cream is its ability to protect against disease recurrence.

How to use?

Before using Fungafix cream, read the instructions. Apply the healing consistency in the morning and evening. Use a small amount of cream for 1 procedure. It is important to process not only the skin of the feet, but also the interdigital spaces; additionally, the product should be applied to the nails. Do not rinse off the cream - wait for absorption. The duration of therapy is one month. The primary improvement in well-being is observed after 1 day of treatment.

Ingredients, composition

The antifungal agent Fungafix ensures the elimination of the infectious and inflammatory process without the development of complications. This is due to the natural composition of the drug - it contains only vitamins, trace elements, herbal extracts, flavonoids, saponins, essential oils. The cream is made without the addition of synthetic compounds, and the substances contained in the composition perform the following actions:

  • They stop the growth and reproduction of fungal microflora.
  • Moisturize fabrics, eliminate dryness.
  • Normalizes the structure and color of nails.
  • Prevents hyperfunction of the sweat glands located in the feet.
  • Restores the integrity of the skin.

Infectious disease practitioners have confirmed the positive qualities of Fungafix cream in eliminating fungal infections. According to doctors, the drug helps to get rid of the defeat of pathogenic microflora, even when other methods have proved to be useless.

Opinions, forum, comments

Fungafix stops the activity of the fungus, eliminates tissue irritation, heals the epithelium, and disinfects it. Prevents the destruction of nails, softens and gradually restores the cover; strengthens nails and normalizes their shade. Prevents unpleasant foot odor; quickly eliminates discomfort and itching.

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