Top 10 Products for Treating Hallux Valgus

Valgus deformity is a dangerous pathology of the foot. Hallux valgus is a foot problem caused by the curvature of the big toe. It is often referred to as a bone or bump. At first glance, a painlessly harmless bump, if left untreated, turns into a serious deformity. A person begins to suffer from acute pain and swelling, limiting movement, and the selection of shoes becomes an insoluble task. This insidious disease entails many consequences: diseases of the joints, spine, heel spur. And if at the very beginning you can choose the treatment yourself, then in advanced cases you can’t do without the help of a competent doctor.

Methods of treatment of hallux valgus

Depending on the stage of the pathological process and on the causes of its occurrence, the method of treatment is also selected. Modern surgery has developed many operations and successfully corrects defects in different parts of the foot. All surgeries are performed under epidural anesthesia and are completely painless. Although the postoperative period is quite difficult, beautiful feet and health are worth it. Clamps, orthopedic insoles and shoes have been widely used, which have also proven themselves well. All of them correctly distribute the load on the feet, relieve painful areas, including deformed fingers. Weight correction, gymnastics, drug treatment, compresses and physiotherapy are also a gentle method of treatment in the early stages, but often have only a temporary effect. These methods are aimed at reducing the intensity of pain and improving well-being, strengthening muscles. Kinesiology taping is the latest treatment method by applying elastic bands to the skin. This helps to properly distribute the load on the foot and should be performed only by a competent specialist.

Means for the treatment of hallux valgus

Suitable treatment depends on the degree of development of this disease is prescribed by the doctor.In any case, you need to be prepared for the fact that this process will be quite long. The most effective means of treating hallux valgus can be found on our website.