Male Extra Review

Male Extra Review

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4.4 / 5
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4.4 / 5
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What is it?

MaleExtra is a remedy for potency and penis enlargement. The innovation helps to eliminate erectile dysfunction, inability to control ejaculation, reproductive problems. The drug is made in accordance with the rules of safe treatment – it consists of 100% natural ingredients and is well tolerated. The product is in the form of capsules: with their help, you can undergo therapy at home.

Our Review: Male Extra is a Scam?

In my practice, there are a lot of men who face sexual problems. The reasons are different, for example, stress at work or complications from prostatitis. It is necessary to help everyone, and most importantly quickly and safely. One of the products that I widely use is MaleExtra capsules. They undoubtedly help to cope with the problem that has arisen, which has been confirmed by more than one of my patients.


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Male Extra - Is a scam?

No. We have tried this product and can claim that this is not a scam.


Means for potency and penis enlargement MaleExtra has anti-inflammatory, stimulating, antioxidant, regenerating, tonic properties. The capsules contain only healthy, natural ingredients that are guaranteed to provide a positive effect in the form of restoring sexual health. The following substances are added to the product: MaleExtra is a safe way to restore male sexual health. The drug is made without the addition of synthetic substances, which distinguishes it favorably from analogues. The risk of developing allergies, stress on the heart and blood vessels is excluded.

Side Effects

MaleExtra increases blood flow to the prostate. Therefore, it synthesizes a sufficient amount of the sex hormone. The components of the product cleanse the urogenital tract of toxins, tone up, increase sexual stamina, and enlarge the penis. Thanks to stimulant substances, a man regularly gets an erection, intimacy becomes brighter.

How to use?

To be guaranteed to get rid of any problems with potency and enlarge the penis, MaleExtra should be taken 3 capsules a day. It is necessary to distribute this dosage in the morning, lunch and evening reception. It is important to drink the drug with a sufficient volume of water. The duration of the course of use is a month.

Indications for use

Capsules for potency, which are developed according to an innovative formula and contain an exclusively natural composition. Does not contain fragrances and other chemical compounds. The dietary supplement has a complex effect on the body. The main component is shiitake mushrooms, supplemented with rose hips and ginseng root. The course of treatment is selected individually based on the characteristics of the course of the disease.


Price & Payment

Price Male Extra 39$
Delivery speed 3-9 days
Payment Cash on Delivery
Pharmacy Vacation Terms Without recipe
Country of sale Worldwide (UK, USA, India)

Where to buy?

Availability in pharmacies No
Availability in Amazon No
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Specifications 4.0
Price 4.3
Packing quality 5
Ease of application 4.3
Delivery speed 4.1
Structure 4.6
Efficiency 4.4
Overall rating 4.4
Krista H. Busch - Author
Author Krista H. Busch
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Customer Reviews

4.4 / 5
I never thought that I would have to face impotence. However, after taking Male Extra capsules, this problem is no longer scary to me.

4.1 / 5
After complications from prostatitis, I was faced with a decrease in libido. My doctor advised me to take a dietary supplement. I was a little surprised but decided to give it a try. Within a couple of days after taking it, I felt a surge of new strength.

4.6 / 5
Faced with impotence, I was not at a loss. My doctor advised me to take Male Extra capsules. I ordered the supplement on the official website.I really liked the lack of prepayment, as well as the free consultation from a specialist. A couple of days after I started taking it, I felt great.

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