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What is it?

E-Energy is a unique device that can reduce the cost of electricity by up to 50%. This is a power outlet for controlling voltage, reducing electromagnetic radiation and extending the life of your devices. Production – Switzerland. Hundreds of thousands of customers have already tested the performance of this device.

Information - E-Energy
Name E-Energy
Website of the official manufacturer www.E-Energy.com
Price E-Energy 39$
Payment Cash on Delivery
Sold in pharmacies No
Delivery speed 3-11 days
Availability on the official website Yes
Pharmacy Vacation Terms Without recipe
Country of sale of goods Worldwide (UK, USA, India)

How to use?

Why do customers choose E-Energy? Indeed, there are other devices on the market today for efficient use of energy. Here is a wide range of E-Energy benefits: Low cost. The cost of E-Energy is significantly lower than that of similar devices, and it fully pays for itself in 1-2 months of use.The device saves more than 20% energy. Easy to operate. There is no need to read the instructions carefully, you can set up the device to use it with a remote control or smartphone. E-Energy starts working immediately after connecting to the network. Reliable device. The device is unlikely to require repair or replacement, as it is not susceptible to voltage surges. Battery life is limited and only depends on the conditions of use, but the biggest advantage is that you only need to use one device that can save energy throughout your home.


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Ingredients, composition

The device plugs into a standard 220V outlet. If your home uses different outlets, simply plug in the AC adapter. To get the most out of E-Energy, use an extension cord. All electrical energy passing through the extension cable is converted into reactive energy, which reduces the amount active energy without loss of power of working electrical equipment. The socket can supply equipment with a total power of 5 to 19 kW, depending on the installation conditions. For comparison: for apartments in new buildings, up to the allocated power, the maximum power consumption will be 15 kW. For private homes where electric water heaters and boilers are used, the maximum power consumption is 18 kW, so one E-Energy outlet will be enough to ensure economical energy consumption throughout the house. For clarity, connected to a single node of this device, the following can be operated simultaneously: Refrigerator TV (0.4 kW); Computer (or 0.4 kW); Electricity (4 kW) Lighting throughout the house (1 kW); Air conditioner (2 kW) And these are not all devices that can be connected at the same time. The weight of the device without packaging is only 125 grams. The size of the device is 31 cm. The thickness of the device is 40 mm, so it can be installed on various furniture: cabinets, sofas, chairs. Buy E-Energy only on the official website. By purchasing E-Energy in the online store, you avoid overpayments, which are always available in ordinary stores due to the cost of delivery and payment of staff work in the store. And also, using the official website to buy this device, you are protected from buying fakes.

How does it work?

Your home can be interrupted frequently. When supplying current to various household appliances, interruptions and voltage surges periodically occur. The included computer, TV, humidifier and split system are a waste of electricity. One unit per month in this mode can be used up to 100 kV. It is against these problems that E-Energy works. The device blocks the current consumption during the standby period and prevents voltage surges. For this reason, with a significant increase in efficiency, electricity is reduced to its idle consumption. This device works in two directions. First, it extends the life of your equipment. Second, electronic devices only consume a certain amount of energy and are no longer subject to voltage surges. Monthly savings can range from 20% to 50% depending on the category of equipment. E-Energy helps to reduce the energy use of refrigerators, split systems and another powerful device by 50%. 20% - The percentage of energy savings for small household items such as a toaster, kettle or LED lamp.

Price E-Energy

- 39$

Where to buy - in pharmacies?

Go to the official website


Where to buy this product from a store or pharmacy?

Unfortunately, this product is only sold on the official website. In pharmacies and stores in your country it is not.

E-Energy - Is it a scam?

Not. We have tried this product and can claim that this is not a hoax.

How long does delivery take?

Depending on your location, delivery may take from 2 to 7 days.


Specifications 4.7
Price 5
Packing quality 4.5
Ease of application 5
Delivery speed 4.8
Structure 4.5
Efficiency 4.5
Overall rating 4.7
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4.7 / 5
E-Energy is a safe energy saving device that is easy to use in everyday life. The compact unit extends the life of the wiring, prevents it from overheating and protects against short circuits. It also fits any outlet and does not require special skills to use. An energy saver also saves devices from sudden power surges, which often puts the equipment out of order. Promotes energy saving without deceiving the state. I constantly burned tees from overvoltage and shields turned off. Ch understood that it was undesirable to turn on all the devices at once. But when you work seven days a week, you have to simultaneously enjoy the benefits of civilization. Therefore, I could not imagine any other way out. But now I bought myself an energy saver and I no longer worry about the fact that the wiring may burn out or the light goes out. And I no longer worry about the world bills. Thank you producers, I recommend it to everyone.

4.9 / 5
I have long been looking for a technique that could control electricity consumption and protect against fires and short circuits. Moreover, I know firsthand what a burnt wiring is. This is a fire in the apartment, a search for electricians and, as a result, a rather large amount for repairs. And during the period of thunderstorms and lightning, in general, I had to sit in the dark and wait for emergency service. Now I have acquired E-Energy and have completely forgotten about such troubles. I have already advised all neighbors, friends and girls at work. Of those who purchased, they are very happy with this purchase. Thank you for such a unique product, I definitely recommend it.

4.4 / 5
I went to war with the energy services so many times, for the fact that in receipts for the light they attribute their data to me, and do not take readings from the meter. It seems like you figure it out, everything is fine, and then again they have confusion. Therefore, when I was advised to purchase the E-Energy energy saver, I thought for a long time whether it was worth it or not. But now I know that this is the best device - it not only saves light, but also protects the rest of the equipment from overheating and stress. You no longer have to double-check your receipts and worry that a big bill for the light will come. I have an instrument and it does its job perfectly. I recommend it to everyone, especially to large families and large organizations, as it works silently and practically invisible. It is better to buy it even in 2 copies. Thanks to the manufacturers for inventing such a product!

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