Derminax What is it? Side Effects


What is it? Side Effects

Derminax is an acne treatment developed by the European company of the same name. Within a few years after its creation, the tool has gained popularity among people faced with this problem. A lot of positive reviews speaks about the effectiveness of the product. Let’s look at its composition to understand: why does it work?

How to use?

Taking two tablets a day will give results within 2-4 weeks. After 3 months, the result will be obvious.

Derminax How to use?

Ingredients, composition

The composition of the product is a mixture of vitamins and minerals:

  • Nettle, together with copper, blocks the excessive production of sebum by the glands;
  • Copper also contributes to the correct pigmentation of the skin;
  • Zinc, vitamins C, E and B12 scavenge free radicals. They are unstable atoms, easily bond with other atoms and are capable of disrupting the structure of tissue;
  • Collagen, which makes up 45% of all proteins in humans, fights scars, rashes and blemishes.

Together, these substances slow down the formation of new acne and acne and make the skin cleaner. Although, according to the creators of the drug, Derminax is not a panacea. No medicine is able to relieve a person of all diseases, even skin diseases. Why? The body of each person is individual, and therefore the causes of acne are different: adolescence, heredity, an abundance of junk food, etc. The disease must be approached from all sides. Taking Derminax will help you with proper nutrition and exercise.

Derminax Ingredients, composition

Opinions, forum, comments

The basis of the action of the drug fundamentally distinguishes it from creams, ointments and the like. Products that are applied to the skin are palliatives. They eliminate the consequences, although the causes of the disease do not disappear anywhere. Derminax works from within: nutrients enter the body and affect the microflora of the body, eliminating possible "problems". It restores the normal course of processes and so clears your skin of acne, blackheads, mounds and other troubles.
In the short term, the cost of Derminax is higher than that of its peers. But think about what is more profitable: constantly buying cheap creams with a cosmetic effect or buying a medicine with a higher price, but long-term effect?
The manufacturing company will refund your money if Derminax does not work.

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