Bitcoin Prime

Bitcoin Prime is a web application that allows you to trade cryptocurrencies on the Internet. With the help of this robot, a trader can conduct transactions with cryptocurrency and exchange it for bitcoins. The main difference between this program and everything else is the algorithm that allows novice traders to trade without any problems.

Bitcoin Time

Bitcoin Time is software designed for successful cryptocurrency trading. The user needs to spend a minimum of his time to make money on trading. The trading robot will do the rest for him. Special advanced algorithms constantly monitor the slightest changes in the cryptocurrency market and, based on the data received, make the most profitable decisions, thanks to which the user can significantly increase his initial capital.


BigMoneyRush is a universal software designed to organize trading in automatic mode. It was first talked about just a few years ago, when Wall Street enthusiasts decided to develop a personal trading platform on which you can use not only standard coins, but also cryptocurrencies.

BigMoneyRush is a specialized program, the functionality of which allows trading in automatic mode. The declared success rate varies between 80-90%, which suggests a high chance of a positive outcome. Since the software contains an autopilot mode, traders do not need to take any action.
Anyone can install automated software on their device to experience all the key benefits. Before starting the automatic trading mode, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the developed rules. Thanks to this, it is possible not only to reduce the risks of draining the deposit, but also to avoid blocking the account for violations. The key feature is the provision of a personal manager to the trader, who provides significant assistance in increasing profits.

Profit Horizon

Profit Horizon is a world famous software that allows you to trade bitcoins, and this is all done automatically using a certain algorithm. It was developed by the creator Satoshi Nakamoto. More than one thousand people have already been able to try all the features and benefits of Profit Horizon.
Thanks to the high speed and bottom line, the reviews are extremely positive.
Bitcoin is becoming more and more popular, so Profit Horizon is a great option to make money from a reliable and trustworthy source.
The main advantages are:

  • you only need $ 250 to start trading;
  • quick and easy registration process;
  • satisfying all customer requests;
  • funds withdrawn easily and do not take too long;
  • dedicated staff and support available.


BitQS is a software service that is a super effective tool in helping ordinary people to buy or sell Bitcoin wisely. In other words, this software service does the work of traders. That is, the main work is done in automatic mode. The minimum investment amount can be from 200 euros. And at the same time, earnings are from 1 thousand euros per day. Here you can easily go to passive income without leaving your home.
BitQS is a trading robot. The algorithms use artificial intelligence, with the help of which technical analyzes are carried out, as well as checking ready-made charts within seconds.
There is no need to be afraid to invest in the cryptocurrency market. A similar procedure can help you get out of a crisis situation. Most people are afraid to invest in bitcoin or network business, as they are not familiar with such areas. Technologies do not stand still, everything moves forward and develops.

Bitcoin Digital

Bitcoin Digital is a platform that helps people to competently invest in cryptocurrency, as well as derive significant profits from it.
Bitcoins, Altcoins, cryptocurrency mining – these expressions can be found more and more often in modern spoken language, especially among people with great potential. Investments in cryptocurrency or network business are now gaining significant momentum, while traditional business is fading into the background. At least this is the case in the CIS countries.

Bitcoin Union

Bitcoin Union is a special robot designed to successfully trade bitcoins. The program is fully automatic, so there is no need to worry that crypto trading will take a lot of time. The artificial intelligence of the system itself will select only profitable strategies, trading on the cryptocurrency market for a client. With the help of Bitcoin Union, you can earn over 60% of the initial investment every day. Thanks to this platform, anyone who has never even traded can make significant profits every day.

Bitcoin Buyer

Bitcoin Buyer is a special bot designed for efficient and comprehensive cryptocurrency trading. It has existed since 2017 and has been rapidly developing lately. Bots use the most advanced artificial intelligence technologies to automate business searches and efficient transactions. The robot is based on the popular trading platforms of some brokers. Bitcoin Buyer came about through the efforts of an experienced and talented trader who knew cryptocurrency well.

Oil Profit

Oil Profit is a specialized cryptocurrency exchange for online trading. The Australian program has a built-in robot assistant. Its software consists of complex algorithms used to execute transactions.
Not all manufacturers will be able to use this platform, since the main target audience of the application is Australia.
The bot learns from the compiled data and analyzes the global market using the latest technologies. This allows you to increase the level of knowledge of the trader and his actual earnings.

Immediate Edge

Immediate Edge is a Bitcoin money making robot. It was created in 2016. This robot analyzes multitasking algorithms to manage BTC and cryptocurrencies. The program includes a state-of-the-art robot that was developed by foreign professionals in the field of cryptocurrency trading with leading technical specialist Jasper Boyle. The Immediate Edge Robot supports traders and offers winning trading strategies. The system uses complex algorithms and external thinking to obtain information.