CardioActive What is it? Side Effects
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What is it? Side Effects

CardioActive is a drug in the form of drops for complex treatment in case of hypertension. It is necessary to use in case of heart failure, feeling unwell (headache, general fatigue), atherosclerosis and other cases, which resulted in high blood pressure.
The drug can be tried on for people of any age and at any stage of hypertension. No side effects have been identified with CardioActive.

How to use?

The dosage for one dose is 10 drops. There should be three doses in just a day. Be sure to drink plenty of water during this.
The duration of treatment depends on the individual characteristics of each organism.
If you are taking the drug as a prophylaxis or at the initial stages of the development of the disease, then the duration of the course will be 40 days.
In case of acute manifestations of the problem, it is recommended to take an intermediate course. Its a month and a half.
If you have a chronic or acute form, then you will have to take the drug for two months.

Ingredients, composition

The main components include hawthorn, meadow clover, motherwort, chokeberry fruits. Each of the ingredients has a different function. Hawthorn is responsible for blood circulation and myocardium. Plus, it provokes the heart muscle to increase contractions.
Meadow clover normalizes fat metabolism, improves blood composition. In its composition there is a glycoside, which by its action increases the level of efficiency of the heart muscle.
Motherwort is a hypotensive and antispasmodic effect. The main component is an alkaloid. Promotes relaxation of vascular smooth muscles. As a result of this process, a decrease in blood pressure occurs.
Chokeberry fruits are responsible for the metabolic processes of the whole organism. This substance contains many useful trace elements such as amino acids and carotenoids. Thanks to them, the blood becomes cleaner, plaques and other stagnant processes disappear.

Opinions, forum, comments

As a preventive medicine, CardioActive helps to improve blood circulation and blood quality. Helps avoid the risk of blood clots and congestion.
At the stage of combating the third degree of hypertension or atherosclerosis, hypotension occurs (lowering the level of blood pressure to normal values), regulation of contractions of the heart muscle, lipid and protein metabolism becomes better.
Also, the drug has a very positive effect on the nervous and endocrine system.

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