Alluramin What is it? Side Effects
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What is it? Side Effects

Alluramin is a powerful cream that combines more male pheromones to stimulate your partner’s cravings. Men who have used this drug say that after a woman smells it, she simply cannot resist intimacy.
This is a means by which any member of the stronger sex becomes an object of sexual attraction and gets maximum opportunities for intimacy. The manufacturer Alluramin recommends using the cream for 6 months, after which the male body begins to produce pheromones that attract women. Moreover, the product is completely harmless to health.
Many today are faced with such a phenomenon as the problems of intimate life. In most cases, this is close to women because it is more difficult for them to get aroused. This problem can be solved with the help of Alluramin creams, which contribute to the rapid and effective restoration of sexual activity.

How to use?

The instructions for use indicate that aloe vera creams should be used sparingly, preferably before intercourse begins.
The tool can be used continuously and when needed. Before use, carefully read the manufacturer's instructions that appear on each package.

Ingredients, composition

Alluramin with such a delicate action is absolutely safe. It is for this reason that the manufacturer has added only natural ingredients to its composition. Pheromones, together with plant extracts, have a beneficial effect on sensitive receptors, significantly improving sexual function.

Opinions, forum, comments

The active ingredient of Alluramin helps to improve the local microflora, thereby increasing sensitivity and excitability.
The pheromones in these creams stimulate sensitive receptors, which in turn cause severe irritation. Alluramin works for any disorder associated with intimate life.

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