Lovense Edge 2 What is it? Side Effects

Lovense Edge 2

What is it? Side Effects

Lovense Edge 2 is a unique formulation for stimulating the prostate. Most men with a problem with the prostate gland are shy or afraid to go to the doctor and voice their problem. However, ignoring prostatitis leads to serious disruptions in the work of the male body and health in general. In this case, a stimulating massager comes in handy, since its purchase does not require prescriptions. You can use the tool without fear for every man who is faced with a similar ailment. He will reach the necessary place and in a short time will be able to get rid of the problem, as well as deliver new, unusual sensations to the man. Lovense Edge 2 can be used as a preventive or erotic direction.

How to use?

The massager is inserted into the mans anal passage as slowly as possible. You need to turn it on at low speed, as soon as the main part has penetrated inside. The man himself can switch the speed via bluetooth, or entrust his partner to do it remotely. To do this, you can connect to your phone, computer or tablet via bluetooth.

Ingredients, composition

The mechanical prostate massager is made of materials that are absolutely safe for health. Flexible, dense device allows you to gently affect the body without causing harm. Lovense Edge 2 has built-in sound level control, vibration patterns (vibration control), music mode, voice activation. There are several speeds: low, medium and high speed. The battery of this model is much larger than the standard one, and works more than 1.7 hours in continuous mode. Two powerful motors stimulate the prostate gland, giving maximum pleasure to the man. The set of the massager includes a massage device with bluetooth, a USB port, instructions for use and quick setup, a case for storage and transportation.

Opinions, forum, comments

The massager is suitable for self-indulgence, foreplay or playing in public places. The tool does not cause any inconvenience and, when turned off, is practically not felt inside. If the man is standing, the control range is 6 m, while sitting he reaches 2-3 meters on one side. No restrictions were found on internet connection.

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