FlyBra What is it? Side Effects


What is it? Side Effects

Fly Bra is an innovative bodice model that appeared on the domestic market in 2017 and has won the hearts of millions of women. He easily corrects breast imperfections that the fairer sex complains about. Lift hanging breasts? give it shape and volume? Increase visually? Fly Bra copes with these tasks without any problems. Other advantages of this bodice include its versatility. It is easily combined with any clothing, does not stick out of it when worn, it is practically not felt on the skin, for which it is called “invisible”. The ratio of a pleasant price plus high quality makes Fly Bra stand out among similar bras. The bodice is presented in two colors: classic black and delicate nude.

How to use?

Before putting on these underwear, you need to make sure your skin is dry and clean. Avoid applying cosmetics on it before wearing. The lacing of the bodice must be made free and fastened to the chest, having previously glued the cups on it. Press for 3-5 seconds until it locks in place. Further, the lacing must be pulled off at your discretion to give the chest the desired shape and volume. After removing the bodice, use special products for breast skin care.

FlyBra How to use?

Ingredients, composition

The bra contains materials developed according to the latest trends in the textile industry:

  • Medical silicone. Component framing the inner surface of the Fly Bra. Hypoallergenic and comfortable to wear.
  • Lycra fabric. Developed by French designers. Makes the bodice comfortable and easy to wear. The presence of this component makes the bodice resistant to adverse factors.
  • Adhesive. Japanese scientists also contributed to the creation of Fly Bra. The presence of the component in the bodice ensures its reliable fixation throughout the day.
FlyBra Ingredients, composition

Opinions, forum, comments

Unlike many similar models of lingerie, which shape your breasts using complex designs, questionable materials and straps that rub your skin, Fly Bra performs the same function thanks to the presence of medical silicone in its composition. It reliably fixes your breasts by literally "sticking" to the skin and setting a secure position for it. Does not require special care. It is enough to wash it in warm water and soap and hang it up to dry. It is not recommended to expose to sunlight and high temperatures.

Where to buy - in pharmacies?

Indications for use

An invisible bra is recommended for the fair sex in cases where it is necessary:
  • Lift and support the chest.
  • Increase it visually by 1-2 sizes.
  • Hide your bra completely under your clothes.
  • Feel comfortable in open clothing.


The Fly Bra bra, unlike other modern products, has no contraindications. Special medical grade silicone does not cause allergic reactions and other side effects. Due to the absence of a rigid frame and straps, the bra does not injure the skin.

Doctor's review

It is not uncommon for women to experience a complex due to insufficiently beautiful breasts, but today this problem can be easily solved with the help of the Fly Bra. Standard shapewear can be harmful to womens health as it constricts blood vessels and irritates the skin. This can provoke various diseases. The Fly Bra is the perfect solution for every woman. It does not squeeze the chest and blood vessels, does not cause uncomfortable sensations and allows ladies to feel confident.

Customer Reviews

"After giving birth, my breasts lost their shape and I began to complex about this. She could not afford an open dress and tried not to attract attention to herself. I tried to wear shaping underwear, but I didnt feel well in it. It was uncomfortable and constrained my movements. This continued until my friend recommended the Fly Bra. I was surprised how perfect it fit me and how comfortable it is to walk in it. Now I can afford revealing clothes and am not ashamed of my breasts."

"For the wedding, I bought a luxurious white dress with a deep cut on the back and neckline, so you could forget about ordinary bras. Fly Bra was advised to me and I realized that this is what I need! Invisible and comfortable, it fits perfectly. I was the most luxurious bride ever!"

"I recently bought a Fly Bra, which my friend has been buzzing about. I like to draw attention to myself and occasionally wear revealing clothes. A friend said that this bra is just a godsend for me. Indeed, it is so. He perfectly supports the chest and makes me irresistible. I love that it is safe for health and does not cause allergies. I have sensitive skin and not every piece of clothing can fit."


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