Top 10 Vision Treatment Products

First of all, at the slightest deterioration in vision, a person immediately makes an appointment with an ophthalmologist, who in 99% of cases will prescribe glasses. But later they can only aggravate the situation. But few people know that there are other methods for returning vision to an ideal state. The most important thing is to choose the most suitable one.

Palming method

Light physical exercise. You need to fold your palms in a boat, cover your eyes with them and relax the eye muscles. The more the eye muscles relax, the stronger the effect of this method will be. There is a slow recovery of the visual apparatus. Those skilled in the art find this method the most efficient and effective. With it, you can remove farsightedness, myopia, astigmatism.

Zhdanov method

Here you will need a special ophthalmological table to check your vision. Every day you need to read letters from it. First with each eye separately, and then with two eyes. Read letters for at least five minutes more than three times a day. After a couple of weeks, the task becomes more complicated: you need to add blinking, move your eyes, focus. These actions must be alternated with reading letters.

Rigid overnight orthokeratology lenses

This method is very fast. Stops progressive myopia. This method is allowed even for children. Orthokeratology lenses can be worn at night from the age of 7. They restore the cornea to its original, correct shape. Therefore, this method is suitable for people with the following diseases: farsightedness, myopia, astigmatism. They can only be worn at night. During the day, wear as normal glasses or lenses is strictly prohibited. After a night in lenses, a person sees everything in perfect condition all day long. But they are difficult to pick up, not very pleasant to wear.

Special sets of exercises

Ordinary gymnastics for the eyes. You can find it in any pharmacy or just ask the optometrist in the district clinic. Worst case, find it online. It is an excellent prevention of all eye disorders, will help after surgery, cope with myopia.The simplest exercise is to move your eyes up, down, right, left, in a circle. But the fastest, simplest, most effective method is the following remedies for treatment. They are safe, they all went through many tests and checks, all have been tested for years, approved by the best doctors.