Top 10 Breast Enlargement Products

Statistics show that 2 thirds of women are not satisfied with their breasts and dream of changing its shape. The media is full of headlines of articles containing advice on how to increase breasts without surgery. All these measures, consisting of: penny price. The skin will tighten a little, stretch marks will disappear, the chest will rise slightly. The bra will add some volume, but not for long. Nobody will notice the changes.

Surgical methods

Plastic surgery offers several effective methods. The leading ones include:


The breast increases due to its own fat. The operation takes place in 3 stages: The method is different: To use your own fat, you need to have enough of it.

On implants

Products are hemispheres or drops. They are made from hypoallergenic materials. Placing them under the soft tissues enlarges the breast and changes its shape. The implant is selected according to the wishes of the patient. An increase in 1 reception is possible no more than 2 sizes. Before starting the operation, the doctor: The shape of the breast improves significantly, becomes more toned and voluminous, does not sag. The result does not change over time.In the future, mothers can safely breastfeed the baby. Operations are not carried out in the following cases: Breast augmentation should be carried out in trusted clinics with experienced specialists, high-quality implants should be inserted. If a woman goes for such an operation, they do not save on money.