Tonus Fortis What is it? Side Effects

Tonus Fortis

What is it? Side Effects

Tonus Fortis is an effective remedy designed to restore potency. The products are released in the form of a solution, it is intended for therapy at home. The product contains over 20 components of plant origin, each of which has a separate function to normalize male sexual health. The drug has passed all examinations, the therapeutic efficacy of the product has been officially confirmed. The remedy increases potency, regardless of the reason for its weakening.

How to use?

The drug for potency Tonus Fortis should be used only after reading the instructions. The agent should be taken 10 drops, on an empty stomach, 1 time per day. Drink the solution with a sufficient volume of still water. The duration of therapy is 30 days. If, at the time of the start of treatment, problems with potency have reached a burdened stage, an increase in the duration of treatment up to 3 months is allowed.

Ingredients, composition

The main difference between Tonus Fortis and its analogues is its plant composition, the complete absence of synthetic components. The product formula contains trace elements, vitamins, flavonoids, organic acids and oils. The combination of these substances performs the following functions:

  • Eliminates acute and chronic prostatitis.
  • Increases blood flow to the groin, makes intimacy brighter and more memorable.
  • Promotes the production of sex hormones.
  • Normalizes the composition of the ejaculate.
  • Promotes an erection.

Using Tonus Fortis is an alternative to antibiotics and other pharmacy medicines. In contrast, the natural remedy does not cause allergic reactions, addiction or other complications. The use of the drug is officially approved by urologists. The remedy eliminates potency problems caused by congestion, hormonal disruptions, prostatitis or other inflammations in the male urogenital system.

Opinions, forum, comments

The potency stimulator Tonus Fortis stops the multiplication of bacteria, eliminates prostatitis, due to which potency is weakened. The drug removes toxins from the blood, increases testosterone production, normalizes the structure of the prostate gland. Prevents the formation of adenoma, stabilizes libido. Drops restore sensitivity during intimacy, make sex life regular.

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