Removio What is it? Side Effects
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What is it? Side Effects

Removio is a gel form antiviral. The action of the drug allows you to kill the human papillomavirus in 48 hours, to ensure the resorption of a benign neoplasm in the period from 2 to 90 days.
An innovative development in the fight against papillomas is the Removio drug, which allows you to quickly, safely and effectively deal with warts.
The gel is intended for external use and is used to combat 2 types of warts:

  • Regular. They differ in the absence of pain and dry structure. Average size around a pea, located mainly in the feet, on the arms.
  • Filiform or soft warts.

The drug does not cause side effects, the only contraindication is individual intolerance.

How to use?

The gel is applied directly to the warts twice a day. Before using the drug, the skin must be thoroughly washed and dried or wiped with an antibacterial napkin. The drug should not be rubbed in, it must be absorbed on its own. During treatment, it is recommended to wear loose clothing made from natural fabrics that do not provoke irritation. The therapy is carried out until the wart is completely dry and independent of the wart from the skin.

Ingredients, composition

The product contains only natural ingredients. There are no artificial colors, preservatives or genetically modified substances in the composition. High efficiency of the gel is achieved by a unique combination:

  • anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous ginger oil that inhibits the activity of fungi and bacteria;
  • comfrey, which activates the regenerating properties of the body;
  • lemon balm, which increases immune defense;
  • vitamin E, which is essential for improving skin condition;
  • lemongrass oil for detoxifying;
  • tea tree oil, effectively destroying viruses, blocking the process of nutrition and respiration of neoplastic cells;
  • cinnamon, which acts as a powerful antiseptic;
  • nicotinamide, which blocks tumor cell division.

Opinions, forum, comments

The gel quickly suppresses the human papillomavirus, stopping the further growth of the wart. Regular use ensures drying of the neoplasm and its gradual death without harm to healthy tissues. In parallel, the drug improves immunity, which prevents the reappearance of warts.

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