Prime Advantage What is it?
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Prime Advantage

What is it?

Prime Advantage is a trading robot founded by a group of Wall Street engineers and dealers. The bot transactions crypto along with fiat currencies using an alleged win-rate of about 88 percent. As stated before, very little user input and Prime Advantage trades automatically is necessary.Everyone can trade with this bot no matter the career or academic foundation. All you have to do in order to use it is to stick to the manual that accompanies it. Prime Advantage also provides a dedicated account manager to assist users browse through the platform.There is also a demo account to assist you familiarize before going live. With Prime Advantage, you can bet on pairs such as BTC/ETH, BTC/BCH, and BTC/XRP. Also accessible are fiat pairs such as BTC/USD, BTC/AUD, BTC/GBP, and BTC/EUR. Over 30 currency pairs, Prime Advantage provides in total.This bot appears to be a good bet for trading crypto, given that its performance is not determined by the way that costs require. To put it differently, users may make returns even. Prime Advantage uses tactics that are short-selling to capitalize on prices.

How to use?

  1. Trading with Prime Advantage is a walk in the park for beginners. As stated earlier, everything that you have to do to exchange on this robot is to browse.Prime Advantage will 99.99% of their trading automatically, and therefore the user does not have much input to make.

  2. Depart the bot to do the remainder and you just have to correct trading conditions as educated.STEP ONE: Create an account together with Prime AdvantageStop by the Prime Advantage homepage and make a free account.
  3. The process needs to take a few minutes and involves checking your email and contact number. Prime Advantage finds data protection steps, and hence you shouldnt be worried about safety.This measure involves password production.
  4. Developing a strong password is easily the most indispensable measures towards ensuring the security of your account.STEP TWO: Deposit a minimum of $250Prime Advantage takes a minimum of $250.
  5. The sum could be deposit via Wire Transfer or cards. Prime Advantage additionally supports deposits through e-wallets, such as Webmoney skrill, Neteller, along with FasaPay.
  6. You can also fund your account through crypto-wallets.Prime Advantage takes user safety seriously and thus has all of the necessary steps in place to safeguard your billing details. Moreover, its spouse agents insure all deposits .
  7. STEP THREE: Trade using a practice accountThe practice account should help you familiarize with all the preferences of this web-trader before going live.
  8. Its therefore essential that you exchange before launching a session. Prime Advantage provides all the info that you will need to trade efficiently.The dedicated account manager must engage when trading demonstration to ensure that you are fully ready for the account that is .STEP FOUR:
  9. Live TradingAs stated before trading together with Prime Advantage is a stroll in the park. You do not need any expertise or experience to trade with it.
  10. Simply adhere to the supplied guide, and everything else will fall in to place.Even though Prime Advantage has excellent earning potential, it is not risk-free. We have come around, there is a chance of dropping the funds that is invested when investing with this bot.
  11. It is therefore recommended that you just trade with everything you can afford to drop.

Is it scam? True about service

Prime Advantage scores highly about legitimacy is highly likely to be legit and tests.

  • We take factors such as performance verifiability, consumer feedback, platforms security, spouse agents, and customer service when determining the legitimacy of a robot.Prime Advantage includes a 4.6/5 evaluation on TrustPilot after nearly 2500 reviews. This shows that users are contented with it.Our specialized team has conducted numerous tests on Prime Advantage platforms and confirmed they rely on AI technologies.Prime Advantage platforms appear to be secure.
  • Their website and web-trader have regular level encryption. Furthermore, they are more compliant to information privacy regulations such as the GDPR.The robot seems to be the only partner with reputable and thoroughly brokers.
  • Some of their agents are within top-tier regulators like ASIC, CYSEC, and FCAs mandate.Prime Advantage provides 24/7 customer care through email, phone, and live chat. Their agents are friendly and well educated.It is necessary to be aware that like most of trading bots, Prime Advantage comes in a significant degree of danger.
  • As a guideline, never exchange with an amount of cash you can not afford to drop.

Opinions, forum, comments

Prime Advantage analyzes market data and automatically transports them. This means that a broker must be worked through by the robot.Aside from purchase implementation, robot agents get deposits and facilitate trades. Robots have no legal mandate to accept deposits from the public and therefore are not financial institutions. This review confirms that most Prime Advantage partner brokers are adequately regulated. Most of them fall below the watch of labs, including the UK FCA as mentioned before.Broker law needs to be the deal breaker when deciding whether to trade with a robot and is crucial. Adhere to reporting procedures and legislation requires all brokers to cover deposits. This guarantees that users money is secure even in the event the robot or the agent goes through insolvency.

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