Black Latte

Black Latte ist ein Medikament zum Abnehmen: Es wurde speziell für diejenigen entwickelt, die in nur 30 Tagen ohne Diät und Training zusätzliche Pfunde verlieren möchten. Das Produkt enthält keine einzige künstliche Komponente, was den garantierten gesundheitlichen Nutzen und die Wirksamkeit in Bezug auf den Gewichtsverlust erklärt. Das Produkt liegt in Form eines Pulvers vor. Sie müssen jeden Tag ein Getränk daraus zubereiten und es gemäß dem Schema einnehmen. Primärer Gewichtsverlust kann nach 1 Woche der Anwendung dieses Mittels festgestellt werden.


Xtrazex is a remedy that restores potency, regardless of the reason for its weakening. The drug was developed taking into account all the features of the functioning of the urogenital tract of men, therefore it contains only effective components. The potency stimulator is so effective that during its use it is not necessary to use pharmaceutical medicines or undergo a prostate massage. The tool is designed to be used at home, without first visiting a urologist. 1 bottle contains 10 tablets.


EcoSlim is a slimming preparation designed for home use. The tool is so effective that during its use you do not have to additionally follow a diet or perform sports training. The innovation is designed for both men and women. In terms of its effectiveness, the drug is not inferior to the action of even expensive analogues. The product has passed the necessary examinations and has proven its worth in terms of quickly eliminating excess pounds.


SnoreBlock is an effective remedy against snoring. Snoring is an unpleasant phenomenon that can be the cause of more than one process in the body: inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, disorders in the nasopharynx, diseases of the cardiovascular system or the result of neurological disorders in the body.
And he causes discomfort not only to the sufferer, but also to his partner, who finds it difficult to sleep in such conditions. But even this is not the most important thing – snoring is dangerous to human health, because it can lead to a sudden stop of breathing during sleep. Therefore, this disorder must be treated immediately. SnoreBlock is ideal for this because it can eliminate all the underlying causes of “noisy sleep”.


Zytax is a potency remedy that improves the sexual health of men in 1 treatment course. The preparation contains only environmentally friendly substances of natural origin. The innovative development is in the form of capsules, in 1 package there are 60 of them. The tool can be used at home, without first visiting a urologist and undergoing diagnostics – including an unpleasant prostate massage. The product has a quality certificate, and after using this drug, only positive reviews are left.


Trimtone is a natural slimming capsule formulation. In fact, it can be called a fat burner. Many women, having recovered, resort to different methods, which do not always work. Thanks to a carefully selected formula, the drug fights extra pounds for 24 hours, even in a dream. Metabolism improves, general condition and weight returns to normal.


ImpreSkin is a skin conditioner. The products are designed for home use: in order to get rid of dermatological diseases and normalize the structure of the epithelium, you do not have to visit a doctor, undergo tests and drug treatment. The drug is in the form of capsules and is intended for independent use. The innovative development contains a vitamin and mineral complex, organic acids, essential oils. By all criteria, the tool surpasses the result from the use of analogues, since it does not cause addiction and complications.


Serenity is an active food supplement that contains many components and helps to increase the level of serotonin, which allows for the regulation of behavioral reactions and the emotional state of a person. Serenity is added to food as a source of Hydrokytryptophan.

Dr. Derm

Dr. Derm is a daily care cosmetic cream that has a healing effect on psoriasis and other skin problems. An innovative product developed by Global Cos, one of the leading Russian manufacturers of care and medical cosmetics, whose products are highly valued in many countries of the world.
Super soft cream Dr. Derm is intended for daily care of sensitive and problem areas of the face and body. The tool perfectly soothes and softens the skin, its regular use allows you to get rid of flaking, itching and other unpleasant manifestations in psoriasis and various dermatoses.