Ethereum Code What is it?
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Ethereum Code

What is it?

Ethereum Code is cryptocurrency trading software designed to help inexperienced investors make a profit. The bot was founded in 2017 by a trading professional who made a fortune in trading. The robot operates on the basis of advanced technologies based on machine learning and artificial intelligence.
Thanks to working with platforms of specific brokers, the service provides a wide range of crypto trader functions.
The main advantage of this software is ease of use, it is due to 100% independence of its work. The investor, in turn, is only required to take a few simple steps. Namely: registration, making a deposit and pressing the “Live” button. Ethereum Code has detailed instructions to help you create and set up an account. The whole process takes no more than 15 minutes.

How to use?

1. Registration
You must provide your full name, email address and phone number on the form on the website. Next, agree to the terms. Traders are guaranteed the protection of personal information. Registration cost - 37 $.
Attention! The software may not be available in some countries.
2. Making a deposit
The next step is to deposit a minimum amount of $ 250. After that, the account becomes open. Since the platform excludes a demo account, traders are required to trade with a real account. You should dive into the study of the cryptocurrency market, due to its volatility.

Is it scam? True about service

No. Based on the information collected, the software looks completely legal. A study of the Learnbonds website confirmed this fact.
Ethereum Code is one of the most requested bots on TrustPilot and the Forex Peace Army. Users who have had a chance to work with it note its stability, simplicity, excellent customer service and security.

Opinions, forum, comments

With the help of selected robotic brokers with high trading speed. While helping with trading, they also specialize in receiving and processing various transactions. Thus, any contribution is transferred to the main broker. Due to the nature of the work of robots in the financial sector, bots are subject to strict regulation. An important point is to verify the biographical data of partner brokers. Otherwise, you may face abuse of the funds received.
Ethereum Code provides the user with the ability to place bets in excess of 1000 times the deposit. This leverage contributes to both making huge profits and incurring huge losses. Margin trading cannot be imagined in isolation from some kind of risk, so traders should consider this factor when using funds.

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