Demaliss Serum What is it? Side Effects

Demaliss Serum

What is it? Side Effects

Demaliss Serum is a serum designed to eliminate all facial imperfections. Thanks to its unique formula, this product is suitable for all skin types and allows you to achieve the desired result in just a couple of weeks. In addition, Demaliss Serum is quite inexpensive, which is also an advantage of the serum.
The condition of the skin of the face inevitably begins to deteriorate over time. The skin becomes less elastic, wrinkles appear, and scars can form as a result of damage. It is not possible to eliminate all these problems with conventional creams and even pills. The best solution in this case will be the Demaliss Serum.

How to use?

The process of using the serum will not cause the slightest difficulty. The serum should be applied once a day. Before performing these actions, the face must be cleaned of dirt and dried. To maximize the effect, exfoliate the skin before applying the serum. Due to this, active substances will be able to penetrate into its deeper layers.
A single dose of the drug is only a couple of drops. Already two weeks after the start of its use, small wrinkles and scars will begin to disappear. True, in order for the result to be more pronounced, the tool should be used for at least three weeks. If desired, the course of therapy can be extended.

Ingredients, composition

Demaliss Serum contains only natural ingredients. No chemical, let alone toxic substances are used in the manufacture of whey. An innovative formula is applied that stimulates cell regeneration and collagen synthesis. The main active ingredient of the product is squalene. It is he who provides a pronounced and lasting effect.

Opinions, forum, comments

The main active ingredient in whey is squalene. It is an effective hypoallergenic substance that has a moisturizing effect. Squalene creates a protective barrier and helps to eliminate fine wrinkles and scars. True, it also acts as an antioxidant, prevents the formation of damage to the skin and their growth. This substance makes the skin smooth, radiant, eliminates blemishes. This creates protection against the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.

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Indications for use

The use of the serum is indicated for any skin disorders. It is effective for the appearance of scars and wrinkles, age spots.The product is recommended for use in case of loss of skin elasticity, dullness of the epithelium.


The product is absolutely safe, does not provoke an allergic reaction and other side effects. There are no contraindications to the use of Demaliss Serum. It can even be used by women who are allergic to cosmetics. The serum can be used in the case of acid solutions and retinol. The main thing is not to apply these funds at the same time.

Doctor's review

In the course of numerous studies, it has been proven that creams, drops and pills containing collagen do not give the desired result. This is due to the fact that the skin itself must produce this substance. Only if this condition is met, a positive trend will begin to be observed. Demaliss Serum stimulates collagen synthesis. That is why it has a pronounced effect. I prescribe this serum to my patients. It does not cause side reactions and takes effect quickly. After completing the full course of therapy, which lasts 21 days, excellent results are observed.

Customer Reviews

"With age, small wrinkles began to appear on the face, which significantly spoiled the appearance. After all, you really want to look young and not think about the approach of old age. I decided to try Demaliss Serum. I liked this serum very much. It is very easy to use and has helped to achieve great results. After three weeks of applying it, she was ten years younger."

"For a long time I was tormented by age spots, which began to appear on my face after thirty years. I tried a lot of creams, but they did not help. A friend advised me to try Demaliss Serum. Insanely grateful to her for that. The skin has become light, monochromatic. In addition, not only the spots were gone, but also the wrinkles. I didnt even expect the result to be so pronounced."

"My daughter gave me the serum. She assured that this is an excellent remedy that will significantly improve the condition of the skin. Honestly, I was initially afraid to apply it. After all, my skin is prone to allergies, which manifests itself as a result of the use of cosmetics. However, Demaliss Serum did not cause any negative changes. On the contrary, the skin began to glow like in youth, and there are significantly fewer wrinkles. Skin tone is now uniform, without brown spots."


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