Aqua Disiac What is it? Side Effects
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Aqua Disiac

What is it? Side Effects

Aqua Disiac is a cologne that has seductive notes to wake sexual desires. Its sure to have a effect on libido. An exciting thing about the item is that it does not demand any ingestion. Only a fast spray before the person and intercourse will feel aroused. It is a spray to increase the production of pheromones.This item can stimulate intense orgasms. Users of the product have claimed its effectiveness in stimulating them and also raising the significance of erogenous zones, even taking their sensual experience to a whole new level.Aqua Disiac is capable of increasing the creation of lubricants that are natural, making sex a nice encounter. Its the best product that will give each of the effects which other aphrodisiac products support , without needing to eat it .

How to use?

  1. The products application is a simple procedure. Follow the steps below for best results:Spray the perfume on the epidermis of the neck and wrists.Apply the spray around twenty to thirty minutes before having sex and other actions.It is not necessary to spray the perfume all around the human body.

  2. Just spray it at wrist and the neck. The fragrance will have exactly the same effect and will spread to other areas of the human body.

Ingredients, composition

The key ingredients used in the production of Aqua Disiac are organic and therefore less likely to cause allergic reactions.

  • Some of this products main components are the following:Coleus Forskolin Leaf Extract: This leaf is.
  • Its proven to have abilities that also increase the synthesis of sex hormones in the male and female bodies and may positively influence libido. Besides those, Forskolin is known to treat chest pain heart ailments, and asthma.Camellia Leaf Extract:
  • Kamilia leaf contains high levels of antioxidants, which help increase endurance and intensify sensitivity. Kamilia also has anti-inflammatory abilities.Vegetable Glycerin:
  • This component has a high moisturizing capacity and helps maintain the skin supple and soft. In addition, it has a refreshing effect on your skin.Other components include alcohol.

Opinions, forum, comments

The simple fact that smell has a significant role in activity is nothing new. People have been using scents and scents for more than a thousand years since aphrodisiacs. There are various stories about the application of perfumes during sexual encounters throughout history.Aqua Disiac is a product that raises the beauty of a partner through increased pheromone production. A pheromone is a substance that a mammal releases into the environment. This material can cause certain reactions from the environment of people of the exact species. In humans, sexual pheromones can increase reaction and a individuals attractiveness.

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