Agromax What is it? Side Effects


What is it? Side Effects

Agromax is an environmentally friendly, harmless organic preparation, odorless, designed to increase the amount of yield, accelerate seed growth, saturate the soil with useful substances and minerals.

How to use?

Application features are described in detail in the fertilizer instructions on each package. To prepare the solution, pour the contents of one sachet into a bucket of warm water (10-12 liters). Stir the resulting solution thoroughly until a homogeneous liquid mixture is formed.
To disinfect and saturate seeds with vitamin complexes, you should act according to the following recommendations: soak the seed of greens for 12 hours, tomatoes and cabbage - 48 hours, other vegetables for 24 hours.
The soil should be cultivated a few days before the planned planting for 3-4 sq. M. - 1 bucket of solution. It is necessary to irrigate the soil in the morning or in the evening, or in cloudy weather in order to protect the treated plants from direct sunlight.
Precautionary measures:

  • use only with a mask or respirator, glasses, rubber gloves;
  • do not smoke or use open sources of fire (light) near the fertilizer;
  • do not eat;
  • after completion of work, thoroughly wash face, hands and other exposed areas of the body with soap or other antibacterial agent.
Agromax How to use?

Ingredients, composition

This fertilizer is produced in packages (sachets) weighing 10 grams. "Agromax" includes the following components: humic acids, biologically active water, azotobacteria, concentrated selected blood meal and ash from rare tree species.

Agromax Ingredients, composition

Opinions, forum, comments

"Agromax" works on the principle of all fertilizers. When applied to the soil, it increases the amount of macro- and microelements. Azotobacteria contained in the preparation have a positive effect on soil fertility. Exactly the same microorganisms are found in humus and peat, which makes it an environmentally friendly fertilizer.
Agromax is a new and modern drug, the purpose of which is to increase soil fertility and productivity, as well as improve the quality of fruits. With correct application, observance of all precautions and correct fertilization of the soil, a positive result is guaranteed.

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